Meet Megan, a talented artist whose creativity flows through generations of makers in her family. With a passion for the intricate details of both big and small animals, Megan brings her love for the natural world to life through the delicate strokes of watercolor and the vibrant hues of colored pencils.

Drawing inspiration from her heritage and a profound connection to nature, Megan’s artistic journey is a celebration of the beauty found in every creature. Her unique approach to watercolor and colored pencils allows her to capture the essence and personality of each subject.

Megan’s art is more than just a visual experience; it’s a heartfelt expression of her connection to the world around her. Whether she’s delicately layering watercolor to evoke a softness in fur or using colored pencils to add a burst of energy to her compositions, every piece tells a story of her love for the intricate beauty of nature.

Megan's artwork has been shown at:

2024 – Women in Art Gallery Exhibition – Las Laguna Art Gallery – Laguna Beach, CA

2023 – Critters6 – Juried Online Exhibition – Art Connective Gallery – DePere, WI

2019-2023 – The Mini Show – Juried Group Exhibition/Sale – ArtBar, Milwaukee, WI


Wisconsin Visual Artists, Southeast Wisconsin Chapter (2023-2024)

Art Connective (2023-2025)